Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Big Brother 10: POV Competition - August 5 2008 Results

Big Brother 10: POV Competition - Not going to give a great big post with this one. Just to let you know..lots of fighting on Keesha's birthday. Libra was being her usual bitch and to be honest with you...kind of felt for Jessie. I know, I know, I've spoken badly about him in the past, but he wasn't too annoying today.

Dan, as America's Player, was told by America he had to hug Jessie for ten seconds!! Funny!! He made up some story abot his girlfriend and ended up getting Jessie to hug him!!

Anyway, the POV comp. was a hockey competition. After each player lost out they got a trophy which had a prize in it. The trick is that the players that lost out could steal a previous losers prize if they didn't like theirs.

Well, Memphis was the first out and in his trophy was the POV. Obviously not going to keep it. Second out was Michelle and she got a trip to Hawaii. She kept it. Third out was Jessie. He got a Slop Pass and traded it with Memphis. Fourth out was April and she won $10000 in BB gold bars. She kept it. Fifth out was Gerry. He got a letter from home, but he traded with Jessie for the POV. Which left Libra. She got the red leotard that was worn before. She traded with Michelle for the trip...Michelle is pissed.

So Gerry has the POV and he wasn't expected to use it to know ones surprise, he did not use it on either Jessie or Memphis.

Check back on Thursday to see who gets voted out.

The Flick Guru