Wednesday, 5 November 2008

ER: Oh, Brother - Nov 6 2008 Preview

ER: Oh, Brother - With Pratt gone, Morris takes on the role of mentor to Chaz, but Banfield disapproves of the complicated medical procedures he's teaching him. Meanwhile, Neela feels disrespected by Banfield when dealing with her intern. Courtney B. Vance guest stars. Thursday 10:00 et/9:00 ct on NBC.

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Sarah said...

I know this is sort of half off topic, but did anyone catch Jack's Mannequin's song "The Resolution" (buy it here: in last night's episode of ER? I'm such a huge uber fan. I love him. The album is so good.

Here’s where it appeared (you might need to fast fwd to the 35:20 mark):