Sunday, 26 October 2008

Heroes: Eris Quod Sum - Oct 27 2008 Preview

Heroes: Eris Quod Sum - Nathan and Tracy fight to survive Suresh's plans for them; Angela asks Sylar to save Peter; Daphne's boss gives her a murderous mission; and Hiro ponders Usutu's advice for facing his opponents. Monday 9:00 et/8:00 ct on NBC.

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vacelts said...

I feel like a need a score card after this episode to keep track of who is in league with whom. So many alliances were formed, broken and double crossed in this episode that I’m not sure who is on whose side anymore.

The best line of the whole night was when Mohinder asks Arthur how he could put his son through his fake death. Arthur replies “Have you met their mother?”

The episode title Eris Quod Sum means “I am what you will be” and I understand that it’s a motto often used on gravestones. Does that mean there will be more deaths?

I loved when Lyle doused Elle with water – apparently it not only put a damper on her power, but her chronic bad mood. Unfortunately, I’m not impressed with Elle’s latest storyline.