Monday, 20 October 2008

Fringe: The Cure - Oct 21 2008 Preview

Fringe: The Cure - The reappearance of a missing woman with a rare disease puts everyone she meets in jeopardy and coincides with detections of dangerous radiation levels, raising suspicions of a link to illegal drug trials involving humans. Tuesday 9:00 et/8:00 ct on FOX.

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vacelts said...

Now we know what drives Olivia, but how far will it take her.

We learned a little more about Peter. He’s done some business with a techonology-shy race of people in Central Peru for some hyperconductive alloy native to the area. And he’s not afraid of Nina, but I think he realizes her danger.

No mention of his health issues this episode, but we learned that Nina knew him as a child. More proof of an experiment? It appears that she and Walter were quite close in his pre-mental institute days.

My favorite Walterism of the night:

When he uses Mr. Papaya, he says “it’s upsetting since he’s the friendliest fruit.” Walter gets this attached to a fruit, but he has no problem exploding the heads of some spare hamsters!