Sunday, 19 October 2008

Boston Legal: The Bad Seed - Oct 20 2008 Preview

Boston Legal: The Bad Seed - Alan and Shirley prepare for a fight with the military on behalf of a man whose brother died under suspicious circumstances. Meanwhile, Jerry helps his sister (Annie Potts) in her search for the identity of the father of her son, who was conceived through an anonymous donor. Monday 10:00 et/9:00 ct on ABC.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy the show but I've had enough of the Hollywood politics they inject in every episode. Although Allen Shore is a ficticious attorney can't he at least speak the truth about American troops?

Incidentally, do you realize that our military is VOLUNTEER? Bush doesn't force ANYONE to join the military...thus, the word "volunteer" appears before our military.

American troops are our best and brightest. Just over 1% of U.S. troops lack a high school degree. Compare that to the general population with 18-24 year olds, it's 21%! Our militray is much better educated than their peers.

The facts simply do not support the belief that many American soldiers volunteer because society offers them few opportunities. The average enlisted person or officer could have had lucrative career opportunities in the private sector. Also minorities are actually underrepresented in the military. White troops have accounted for almost 70% of the deaths in Iraq. That exceeds their "active duty" percentage.

Stick that in your cigar and smoke it Allen (or should I say Writers)

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. But its tv show and its just drama. Just relax and watch Boston Legal.

Anonymous said...

Boston Legal is really an interesting show and I like it. This series has been nominated for multiple Emmy Awards right from its first season. And I love to watch this show online.

Jessica Hart said...

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