Sunday, 21 September 2008

Knight Rider: A Knight in Shining Armor - Sept 24 2008 Preview

Knight Rider: A Knight in Shining Armor - A high-octane, tire-spinning drama about intrigue involving a tricked-out car and its driver. In the opener, Mike (Justin Bruening) and KITT gear up to deliver a package---but their parcel turns out to be a man with top-secret codes inscribed in his DNA. Mike's travels turn perilous upon the encroachment of enemies, including an enigmatic lady (Paula Garc├ęs) who has detailed knowledge of a past Mike can't remember. Val Kilmer provides the voice of KITT. Wednesday 8:00 et/7:00 ct on NBC.

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Anonymous said...

Terrible acting, not realistic, poor attempt to include comedy in the plot. This TV show is a slap on the face to the orginal Night Rider. Geared to age 10-13 is more like it.... un-realistic scenes like the car morphing into a TRUCK! ...God who's idea was that? The guy get's his finger choped off...puts it in KITT and whala "I feel no pain" ...uh yeah. NBC forgot to consider their target audiance.

I'll be very surprised if this makes it to season two. NBC had a good oportunity to bring this clasic back and did a good job screwing it up.