Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Big Brother 10: Season Finale - Sept 16 2008 Results

Big Brother 10: Season Finale - Well its the end of the season. Who will win? Is it going to be Memphis or Dan. I think it will be Dan because he played a much better game then Memphis. I guess we will see.

The Big Brother people show us the hi-lites of the past season then they take us to the jury. The jury discuss the pros and cons of each of the finalists. Jerry and Renny get into as usual and go at about both. They go back and forth and it seems to me they are leaning towards Dan.

After the commercial, the jury gets to drill Dan and Memphis. Dan is lots of talk and bluster but he defends his actions well. Memphis...ummm..not so well. Some secrets come out..Michelle going out on the luxery trip with Dan...Michelle and Memphis having an alliance. Renny asks Memphis what he has done for her in the game and he couldn't come up with anything. He totally stumbled. They both give a strong final speech. Who did they convince?

The jury is then introduced to the live studio audience!!

Julie talks to Dan and Memphis for a bit, but now it is voting time. Libre is up first followed by April. Then comes Michelle and Ollie. Renny comes next as does Keesha. Finally it is Jerry's turn.

Now its time for the first four evcitees to come back and talk to the group.

Brian talks for a while. Then Steven goes after Jerry a bit, but Jerry exlains himself. Julie then reveals America's Player, who was obviously Dan. She then tells the group that they will reveal which of the players won $25,000 as voted by America. Coming up soon...

After commercial...Julie announces the winner...who voted for who...





Dan wins Big Brother 10!!!!

Turns out they all voted for Dan.

Julie reveals the $25,000 winner...which juror wins? Keesha!!

Well I have to say I quite enjoyed this season. Hopefully next season will be just as good!

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