Sunday, 3 August 2008

Big Brother 10 Nomination Night - August 3 2008 Results

Big Brother 10: Nomination Night - They had to show us the finale of the HOH competition from Thursday night. Just a quick recap...all of the participants were on the edge of a building holding on for dear life. Big Brother would tip and shake the building to get them off. The last one standing won. Well you had to know this was a stamina competition and the big boys were not going to last and that is exactly what happened. Memphis, Jessie and Ollie all fell off because they could not hold on. It got down to April and Michelle and it was April who prevailed.

So April is the new HOH!!! You gotto know that Ollie is safe hey.

Dan got his first assignment as America's player and that was to get a player nominated. Who would that be??? JESSIE!! Should be an easy task.

So after everyone has kissed April's ass, she has to nominate two people for eviction. Will she listen to America's player and nominate Jessie..lets see...

Jessie and Memphis!!!!

Very nice. Should be a good week. Come back on Tuesday to see who wins POV!!

The Flick Guru