Monday, 12 May 2008

The Bachelor London Calling: Season Finale - May 12 Results

The Bachelor London Calling - Tonight is the season finale of The Bachelor London Calling. Matt has a choice to make between two girls...Shayne Lamas, Lornezo's daughter, and Chelsea, the phamacetical sales rep.

I personally think he will choose Shayne. How about you?

Anyway, we first get to see Matt and Chelsea in London to meet his parents. She seems to do very well with them. Chelsea gets very comfortable with the parents and the brother. Good job.

Next we see Matt with Shayne in London. They have a good time and his mom tells her that she feels very comfortable with her as does shayne. The brother also tells her that he did not have a very good first impression of her but she changed his mind. Wow, good for her.

They then fly off to Barbados. Chelsea and Matt have the first date. She is very honest with him and says he is falling in love with her. Good date.

The it is Shayne's turn. He calls her Monkey because of the way she hugs him. They go parasailing then have a nice quiet date. He seems very taken with her. Could be an interesting decision.

Ok, we now get see Matt's decsion. He chooses his ring, then we see the girls getting ready. Now it is time...

A limo pulls up..this is the first one...this is the big decision. The first one out is...Chelsea!!! Looks like he has chosen Shayne!!!! Anyway, he tells Chelsea that he has had a great time with her, but he can't give her everything she needs. She tells him she has had no regrets, and she kinda tears a bit of a strip off of him. As they are walking back to the limo she gets upset and say that Shayne is the falsest person there. Then he gets a bit upset and tells her if she thinks he would be capable of choosing that kind of person that she doesn't know him at all. Wow..they kiss and say goodbye.

Here comes his new fiance...Shayne...

Next it Shayne's time. Matt says that he feels Shayne is the warmest sweetest person he has met. He is very much in love. Shayne says that basically the same thing.

They meet and he tells her that the first time he saw her was this incredibly beautiful woman and has fallen in love. He says he knows she will always be there for him and he will always be there for him. He then gets down on one knee and says, "Monkey, will you marry me?"...She says yes!!!! This kiss and live happily ever after.

Not sure what the connection is, but I guess we will see.

Highlights of next season. The Bachelorette..DeAnna Pappas, the second chick that got booted from last season. Starts next week!!!!!!

The Flick Guru