Thursday, 21 February 2008

The Celebrity Apprentice - February 21 Results

The Celebrity Apprentice: Results - The teams were spli up. Piers, Marilu, Lennox and Carol became Hydra. Stephen, Omarosa, Tito and Trace became Empresario.

The teams now had to sell an item on QVC. Who ever made the most money wins. Well the teams worked their asses off and sold their items. Marilu was on screen for her team and Trace was the seller for his team. Both did well.

In the end it was Empresario who won as they made more money then the other team. Donald was very impressed with Trace.

Marilu was the PM for Hydra and she brought in Lennox and Piers to the board room. Donald, after some deliberation decided to let go Marilu.

Interesting episode. Check back next week to see what happens on The Celebrity Apprentice.

The Flick Guru