Thursday, 28 February 2008

American Idol - February 28 Results

American Idol 4 More Voted Off - Results - Well it started off with the guys. They show us the highlights of Tuesday night. Then Ryan asks the back row to stand, he goes through the row and it is Danny Noriega and Jason Yeager left standing. One of them is going home...and the first one voted off is....Jason Yeager. Not a big surprise from what I saw. Pretty brutal actually.

Now we are off to the girls...highlights and then the results. Back row again...the two left standing are Amanda Overmyer and Alexandrea Lushington. The first girl going home is Alexandrea. Damn, I was hoping that rocker chick Amanda was going home. Oh well hopefully next week.

Sticking with the girls. Front row this time. The final two girls standing are Alaina Whitaker and Kady Malloy. The second girl gone tonight is Alaina Whitaker. Wow, a weeper.

Idol Gives Back is coming back. On Wednesday April 9th, the people at Idol will be looking for your donations to help starving and underprivileged kids in the US and Africa. They made 76 Million last year and they are hoping to beat that number this year. Lets hope!!

Finally, the second boy is going home. Luke Menard and Robbie Carrico are the final two. The second boy going home is Robbie Carrico.

Thats it for this week. 16 left. One more week of this elimation round and then off to the real thing. Can't wait.

The Flick Guru